In a trade war with technology, Donald Trump, last week decided to ban exports of US technology products to some companies considered “risk” for national security.
However, in the words of Zhengfei,

Huawei’s 5G will not be affected, not even two or three years from now

and other companies will be able to compete with the Chinese giant for the fifth-generation mobile.

According to Ren Zhengfei, it is known that Google and Huawei are in discussion to find an answer.
The US giant, whose Android system manages the vast majority of smartphones, has decided to stop selling its products and services to Huawei since Sunday, after a decision by the US administration.

Applications such as Gmail and Google Maps as well as other services may run the risk of becoming disabled.
It is known, however, that the US government seems to want to calm the tension with China, since it suspended this action from this Monday, for three months.

There is thus a way to gain time for the Chinese giant to use Google’s programs and components until effective sanctions are imposed.

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