Xiaomi Mi Band 4 may soon have a “Lite” version, Mi Band 3i

Xiaomi already leads the smartbands market and contends with Apple the wearables market.
Apparently, a new, simpler version of this smart bracelet is being prepared.

Although the current Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was presented recently, more concretely on June 11, 2019, there are now new indications that suggest the existence of a Lite version. That is, a new, more economical variant, with the aim of increasing exponentially your target audience.

The Incredible Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The Chinese technology does not seem to be willing to stand still. Something that becomes evident with the latest report of the publication Androidtr, a Spanish publication dedicated to technological issues.

Before its presentation, at least two versions were suggested for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Namely, a version with NFC connectivity, for China, as well as a version devoid of this connectivity, for other markets. However, there are more variants.

The economic version – Mi Band 3i

When we talk about the versions that would exist of the My Band 4, with or without NFC, we already announced that Xiaomi worked on more devices, as later confirmed by Huami. One of these devices, of which we had little information, is codenamed “RIO”. Now we have his real name, My Smart Band 3i.

As Xiaomi did with the Mi Band 2, which at the exit of the My Band 3 had an “i” model also called “HRX”, it seems that the My Band 3 with the departure of the My Band 4 will suffer the same fate. Proof of this is that the name of the new bracelet includes “Smart”, something that Xiaomi has used in the My Smart Band 4.

In addition and supporting its exclusive, the publication cites the history of Xiaomi. Playing here in the generation Mi Band 2 that, when the Mi Band 3 was released, would receive an “i” model, also nicknamed “HRX”. Now, we will face the same logic with the Mi Band 3i.

What that “i” that accompanies the name means is actually a drop in price and performance in the Mi Band. In the case of the My Band 2, the heart rate sensor was lost in exchange for gaining autonomy, precision and reducing costs, and it would not be surprising if Xiaomi sees in the My Smart Band 3i a way to win back the users of the version previous.

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